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7 Essential Landscape Photography Tips - Become a Better Landscape Photographer in 10 Minutes

(Things I Wish I Knew Earlier)

While there are hundreds of sites (if not thousands) that will teach you tips and techniques to becoming a better landscape photographer, the following information may save you some of time and expense if you're interested in becoming a landscape photographer.

Landscape Photography Tip #1:   Start Shooting

Start Shooting Now.... and every chance you get. Obviously there are better conditions in which to shoot (sunrise and sunset), but there are also hundreds of opportunities in between these two times, every day, that could teach you and show you things you wish to pursue and things that you enjoy shooting. Regardless... shooting more often will get you thinking and analyzing what works and what didn't. You start to understand what you did correctly, or what outcome you liked better. Also, pay attention to what others do, or what others have done, that you respond to, either positively or negatively. Begin to notice what others respond to (or did respond to) and figure out if there's a recipe for that result or a way of reproducing what it was that stirred your audience. While landscape photography and fine art is absolutely dependent upon great light, don't wait for the perfect setting or the perfect landscape... an artist will go out searching and look to create one.

Landscape Photography Tip #2:   Stay Hungry

Becoming great at something doesn't necessarily mean that you stop learning. In fact, it might be quite the opposite. Becoming an expert in a specific style or narrow skill set would eventually create a learning curve of diminishing returns.

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