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"Until Within" - Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach - Photos of Pacific Beach by David Christopher

"Until Within" - Pacific Beach Fine Art Photography
Walking out on Crystal Pier is a powerfully serene and peaceful experience. I've lived here my whole life and this pier still captivates me. Originally built back in 1930, it's a classic piece of San Diego history. Nostalgic and full of character, this pier seems to hold a little magic... at least it does for me. It always awakens my senses, brings me into the moment and allows my world to slow just enough to reflect on what's truly important.

It's roughly 800 feet to the end and even though millions journey it every year, it never feels crowded. I love the way the old, moist wood bends slightly under my feet when I step from plank to plank. As I breathe, the unique smell of the ocean air calms me. It's distinct and always reminds me of my childhood summers. In the distance, an occasional cry from a seagull can be heard while a few feet below the waves roll rhythmically upon the beach, cleansing the shore and lulling beach goers into a trance.

It was 3:30 on this winter's afternoon when I noticed the sky was full of moisture and a light haze. There were light clouds, mostly to the east. I know these clouds, and as the day comes to an end, they usually tend to slip west, out to sea, following the sun as it dips into the night. I also know that these are the conditions upon which the setting sun likes to paint wildly. I knew the sunset was about to be epic.

+ Camera: Canon 5D Mark II, 16-24mm lens
+ Medium: Digital
+ Exposure: Unknown
+ Time: 5:30 PM
+ Edition Size: 450 Limited; 10 Artist Proof
"Until Within" | Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach
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